Tikkun Olam


Thank you to everyone who ordered Goodie Bags for Good for your Family and friends! Thanks to your efforts, we are SOLD OUT for this year.

“Goodie Bags for Good,” is our modern take on an age-old tradition. You probably know the Purim traditions of dressing up and partying, but you might not know as much about a tradition called “mishloach manot.” It literally means, “sending portions,” and refers to the custom of sending gifts of different foods to both friends and to the needy on Purim. This provides a way to give a gift to the needy with dignity. While we can’t get together in person for a party this year, we can do the mitzvah of mishloach manot.

These Goodie Bags include festive Purim surprises including homemade Hamantaschen and Challah. For every Goodie Bag you send to a friend (or enjoy yourself), a meal will be provided to someone in need. Included in the $10 cost of the Goodie Bag is a donation to the Social Action Fund, which will provide meals to a family or individual in need through a local organization. Mujeres Unidas/Women Together, our first partner in this project, provides shelter and support services to battered women and their children. Send a tasty holiday treat to family and friends, and a meal to someone in need at the same time!

All Goodie Bags will be delivered by volunteers on Feb. 25th and 26th.

Thank you!

Social Action Committee