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“I am my beloved’s And my beloved is mine.” (Song of Songs 6:3

Mazel Tov on your engagement! You are about to enter into a holy covenant with the person you love, and start a Jewish home together. In the stress and chaos of planning the wedding, it’s easy to lose sight of the sacredness of the moment.

Judaism is filled with beautiful traditions, music, blessings, and customs surrounding the wedding ceremony. For example, every Jewish wedding includes a Chuppah and a Ketubah. A Chuppah is the wedding canopy which represents the first home you establish together. The Ketubah document is a loving declaration of your obligations to one another as a married couple. Other traditions include the singing of the Sheva Brachot or Seven Blessings, and breaking a glass at the end of the ceremony.


Temple Emanuel is prepared to help guide you toward one of the most beautiful moments of your lifetime, and maybe even make it a little less overwhelming. Rabbi Farb has worked with many couples on not only making the day more special and preparing for the wedding, but spending even greater time preparing for the marriage which follows.

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