Hebrew School


“The goal of Jewish education within the Reform Movement is to deepen Jewish experience and knowledge for all Jews, so as to strengthen their commitment to God, their identification with the Jewish people, their involvement in the Temple, their participation in Jewish life, and their determination to live as Jews.” URJ Commission on Reform Jewish Education.

Temple Emanuel strives to provide each student with a comprehensive Jewish education. It is our goal to empower each student to become a vital part of our Temple community and to build, throughout each student’s years in the school, a strong sense of Jewish identity and the foundation of a lifelong commitment to Jewish living and learning. Our program will enable each student to understand and express Judaism, through a deep understanding of God, Torah, and Israel.

Lifelong Jewish learning must be a partnership between the school, our students and their parents. A Beit Midrash, a house of learning is at its best when all three work together in concert. It is our expectation that our families understand that first and foremost, Jewish learning begins at home and is taught by example. We want our students to learn that a Jewish home filled with the joy of Shabbat, is at the heart of Jewish life and learning. Even as the Temple strives to maintain high standards for our curriculum, those who implement it, and our students’ achievement, so too do we expect our commitment to Jewish learning to be supported by the students’ families.

Our Hebrew School seeks to nurture in our students the development of a Jewish identity characterized by knowledge, action, and commitment. We challenge our students (and to help them acquire the requisite knowledge and skills) to discover their own path to authentic relationships with God, Torah and the Jewish people. We believe that the Jewish religious tradition offers a worldview, a set of values and a way of life that can provide an enormously precious “Jewish anchor” in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

In the Temple Emanuel Hebrew School, we strive to develop:

  • the commitment to an active Jewish life
  • a level of Jewish literacy that provides students with the necessary foundation to participate fully in Jewish spiritual and communal practice
  • a connection between Jewish moral values and active tikkun olam, repair of the world
  • opportunities for continued exploration of a personal relationship with God
  • a sense of community and connection with the congregation

The mission of our Hebrew School is to help students see the connection between Jewish knowledge and Jewish living. We believe that Torah should be taught and lived. School experiences should help students grapple with, and answer the question: “How do I align my knowledge and my actions?”

 Strengthening and building strong ties to our Jewish community can facilitate a unique kind of learning where Limud (study of Torah) and Maaseh (living according to Torah) are organically connected. As students begin to identify their Jewish community as a guiding and meaningful source in their lives, they can better accept the norms of action and behavior as defined by the community and Judaism.

We strive to provide a course of study that begins in the classroom and extends to the synagogue, the community and to students’ homes. Our scope of learning includes Hebrew, Torah study, Jewish history and values, and holiday celebrations. We also explore Jewish music and art. In addition, important Jewish values such as Tzdakah, Hesed (kindness), and Gimlut Chasidim (helping others) will be stressed, thereby providing experiences which deepen classroom learning, and help ensure the connection between learning and living Jewishly.

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